NSLRC is a private organization and is not affiliated with any government entity. NSLRC is a document preparation company. Any fees charged are based solely on those activities.

Are you having difficulty completing the complex forms required to enter the federal income based programs for student loan debt? Do you want to make sure your application is completed correctly with the proper supporting documentation to qualify for every program you may be eligible for? We take the confusion out of the process of consolidating your loans into one monthly payment. Many borrowers are unaware of the different programs they are eligible for.

  • Free information retrieval
  • Free eligibility analysis
  • Complete document preparation
  • Submission process followup
  • Help completing additional forms

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Get Your Detailed Loan Information For Free

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Don’t waste time and effort trying to figure out the proper wording and calculations.

Do you want to see if you are eligible for any of the federal programs to restructure your federal student loan payments? The first step is to get accurate detailed information regarding the federal education loans you have. Whether you have Sallie Mae, PLUS, FISL, GSL, subsidized or unsubsidized loans, you may be eligible to combine all of your federal education loans into one loan with one payment.  Program eligibility depends heavily upon the types of federal loans you have, the loan note holder, the current status of your loans, as well as government contracted servicer assigned to service your education loans.

Your credit score is not a factor to qualify for these federal programs, however the application completion and submission process is a critical factor.  The daunting process of retrieving the information needed to complete these forms can be discouraging for many borrowers, which is why we can supply accurate and up to date information regarding your education loans so that your application is completed properly. You can start by filling out the information at the top of this page to schedule a free consultation to retrieve your accurate loan information.

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Doc Prep Expertise


Have your documents prepared correctly by our knowledgeable staff.

Refinancing student loans can be a complicated and time intensive process. This service shifts the work from you to our team. Our experienced team will retrieve the documents necessary to build your application package which we will then submit directly to the Dept of Education. The length of time it takes to assemble a consolidation package depends as much on you as it does on our team. We can prepare your application just about as fast as you can get us the signed documentation authorizing us to work on your behalf. Once we receive all the information, we carefully review it, assemble it, and transmit it to the Dept of Education. By signing a Limited Power of Attorney, you can authorize us to speak directly with the Department of Education on your behalf on any matters related to your student consolidation application at any time such as:

  • Change income based programs
  • Change the monthly debit date for your payment
  • Skipping and deferring payments
  • Yearly re-approval for certain programs

Keep in mind many of the repayment programs offered by the Department of Education are based on income, family size and indebtedness. Should your situation change there are necessary documents that must be submitted properly to insure your continued status in your chosen program.

To discuss which program is best for you, please call us today at :

(866) 204-6979

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What We Do


Don’t let the complex forms discourage you from taking advantage of these federal programs.

At NSLRC we assist consumers in understanding the complex forms and procedures required to apply for federal student loan debt programs. We retrieve your accurate loan detail information, then educate and assist you in navigating through the complex repayment programs offered by the federal government. We then provide the forms necessary for you to enroll in those programs, inform you of any additional documentation required to submit along with those forms, and then monitor the process through to completion.

Our experienced team will build the necessary documentation package which will then be submitted directly to the Department of Education (DOE) on the client’s behalf. We assist in the 60-90 day application process and continue to be the liaison between you and your government appointed student loan servicer.

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